Aerodynamic Particle Classifier


Equipment designed to minimize contamination
• Materials of construction options cater to individual needs.

Energy efficient operation
• Through put rates of up to 400 lbs. per hour require only a 3 horsepower, TEFC motor.

Reliable operation
• Class seven bearings are contained within a sealed housing for long life.

Consistent Operation
Makes clean, clear cut points, even when the feed stock varies from lot to lot.

• Open loop operation is easily converted to closed loop for argon/nitrogen operation.

Ease of maintenance
• The KM-21 is easily disassembled using standard hand tools for cleaning and maintenance.


Performance Data
• Capacity is up to 400 lbs. per hour
• Maximum feed stock is 75 microns
• Cut points between 2 and 45 microns
• Consistent, repeatable results

Equipment Data
• Dimensions
78"H, 63"L, 36"D (including operator's stand, feeder and receptacles)
• Power Requirements:
208-240/480 3-Phase

Materials of Construction
• Hard ductile iron, abrasion resistant steel and tungsten carbide plates are used to minimize wear and maintenance. Additional protection is available with tungsten carbide or ceramic plasma spray coatings. Rubber and polyurethane linings are available.

• Complete stainless units are also available.



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