Cyclo-Tex Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of size reduction and classification equipment, providing customers with products of excellent quality and utmost precision. The varying workable applications accommodated for include, but are not limited to:

• Powder Metallurgy
• Powder Plastics
• Minerals
• Pharmaceuticals
• Organic Materials
• Rare Earths
• Health Hazardous Materials
• Explosive Materials

The broad base of our experience at Cyclo-Tex has been developed over time through the processing of thousands of differing materials as well as through the design and installation of numerous systems throughout the world.

Our expertise avails us the ability to offer customers complete system design services for processes which include existing equipment. Thus, our equipment may be incorporated into an already existing system, or remain as a totally independent process. In addition, we also design and build various forms of peripheral equipment such as feeders, dust collectors, and receptacles to compliment our mills and classifiers, furthering the creation of complete functioning systems.

The research and development department within Cyclo-Tex has several impact mills and particle classifiers readily available to demonstrate our capabilities. Additionally, we have closed-loop systems available to process materials under inert conditions. In our department of research and development we process sample materials provided by the customer to their unique specifications under the most ideal conditions possible. Furthermore, we provide microscopic analysis as well as sieve analysis, depending on the size of the material being processed. Data collected from these tests are then used to design a system or machine of optimum conditions for that particular material. We always encourage prospective customers to visit our facility in order to witness and/or participate in the testing of their materials in person.