Impact Mill


Equipment designed to minimize contamination
• Materials of construction choices are based on feed stock requirements

Energy efficient operation
• Through put rates of up to 500 lbs. per hour require only a 7-1/2 horsepower, TEFC 3-Phase motor and shop air.

Reliable operation
• Class seven bearings are contained within a sealed housing for long life.

• Open loop operation is easily converted to closed loop for argon/nitrogen operation.

Ease of maintenance
• The KM-21 is easily disassembled using standard hand tools for cleaning and maintenance.


Performance Data
• Capacity is up to 500 lbs. per hour
• Largest feed stock is one inch

Equipment Data
• Dimensions
23"H, 41"L, 19"D (without cyclone)
39"H, 62"L, 19"D (with cyclone in place)
• Power Requirements:
208-240/480 3-Phase

Materials of Construction
• Steel base and Iron mill head
• Stainless steel or low carbon steel cyclone
• Abrasive resistant steel cyclone wear liner
• Rotors and impact blocks build to order




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