Aerodynamic Particle Classifier Process

The KC-21 particle classifier mechanically accelerates the unclassified material and sends it directly into an opposing air flow.

• Material with enough inertia to overcome this opposing airflow, is sent towards the outer periphery of the housing and is then sent to the receptacle as coarse product.

• Smaller, lighter material is swept away by the airflow into the classifier housing and on to the cyclone, where the fine product is sent into the receptacle and the ultra-fines are carried off to the dust collector.

• The process is infinitely adjustable and on closed loop applications, the inert gas is recirculated to minimize usage.

The Cyclo-Tex Aerodynamic Particle Classifier separates fine particles from coarse particles by controlling the amount of aerodynamic drag applied to the feed material. The coarser product, having the inertia to overcome the drag applied against it, is thusly separated from the finer product. The classifier is accurate from 2 microns to 45 microns and feed rates may approach 500 pounds per hour, depending on the material.

The classifier is available in carbon steel or 300 series stainless steel and can be built to process abrasive materials. The wear members of the classifiers can be lined with tungsten carbide blocks as well as plasma sprayed with tungsten carbide to minimize wear. The classifier can be easily converted to a closed-loop system for inert processing and can be incorporated into existing systems with minimal modification.

A complete classification system includes a material feeder, either closed-loop or open-loop, a dust collector, exhaust blower and fine and coarse receptacles. All of these are available from Cyclo-Tex in low carbon steel of stainless steel.

The classifier is often used in series with the impact mill to create a complete size reduction and classification system. This is a time proven system that has produced accurately sized powders for the aircraft, pharmaceutical, agricultural and ceramics industries.

Our particle classifiers range in price from $30,000 to $50,000 depending on materials of construction. Units are custom made to order, and are shipped within 6 to 8 weeks of ordering.

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